A product comapny and making an animation film works in similar ways. The ideas are thrown around, presented to a group. Some are discarded, some are prototyped, rejected, selected. Then the story is finalized. Then the particular sequences are thought about.

How it differs is how.. lost the chain of thought.

TAP means Thinking About the Product.

I got a mail in IxDG group yesterday

Intuit’s User-Centered Design group in San Diego creates innovative user experiences enabling consumers and small businesses to file and manage their taxes effectively. Intuit continues to innovate with new product
offerings while producing the industry leader in our space. The manager of our User Interface Design team will work closely with product teams ensuring that we deliver the best user experiences possible. The manager’s key responsibilities include:
– Be a thought leader for a our design team and product teams concerned with end-to-end user experience and best practices across the business unit.
– Be a source of expertise for the entire Intuit user experience community
– Mentor and teach others
– Contribute to the success of product innovation by applying design best practices and leading teams in conceptual development
– Drive user-centered design processes in the business unit
– Provide people management for members of the user experience teams”

Guess I have to do the same here (except for the fact that there is no one else except me in UX).

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