Gtalk Designer Speak

Read this on IxDG while looking for posts related to Gtalk. This was written by an interaction designer who worked on Gtalk.

“At the risk of belaboring what we all likely know, software development teams differ in their approach when deciding when it’s time to ship. This team favors the ‘early and often’ approach, at least for now. For
a v1 product, that means that lots of features get cut and lots of details get pushed. As the designer, it causes a ton of stress — we tend to be perfectionists by nature, not satisficers — but it’s just another challenge to deal with.

Q: Collaboration with engineering is important. I’m wondering more about how this went for you. What were their concerns? Were solutions innovated or mediated? Etc.

Oh man, that’s a huge question that deserves at least one beer before I answer in any detail. It’s been an amazingly frustrating experience for a lot of reasons, though nothing that unique if you’ve ever been outnumbered by a team of bright and opinionated team of engineers. Good design takes time, building trust takes time, remotely located teams makes collaboration challenging, everyone thinks they’re an interface

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