User Generated S***?

YouTube Trends Report #1

Gist : This report says that out of all time highest viewed videos more than half are UGC..
“What’s the difference between a huge mass-market Internet success, and a niche tool favored only by a tiny techie minority?..

• Business Assessment: analyzing the company’s goals, culture, performance and financial metrics, and competitive environment

• Customer Research: non-directed research, or listening labs, to understand the customer experience (both registered users and prospects)

• Strategy: synthesizing the first two steps to state a high-level direction that accomplishes business goals and improves the customer experience

• Wireframes: building out the strategy by drawing detailed sketches of all major pages and templates affected by the strategic change”

Talking about UGC, SecondLife is the ultimate example of UGC. Its NOT a game but a whole 3D virtual world with its own society, economy and god know what not..

June 23rd will be SecondLife’s 3rd birthday, and it finally SecondLife seems to be gaining traction in the
marketplace of ideas, and more importantly for its financial viability it’s starting to gain the attention of
businesses. Micropersuasion noted yesterday that American Apparel has opened a store there, and in
september last year, Wells Fargo bought and island, and created an educational game.

(Well Fargo’s move into virtual space doesn’t necessarily indicate that big business is taking game-like
environments seriously–rather it shows that Linden Lab has successfully positioned its Second Life world
as a viable marketing platform.)

SecondLife is actually more akin to the internet than it is a game. Buying land in SecondLife is
equivalent to buying a web server (buying and island is like buying a huge server), building things with
the 3d tools and scripting them with LSL (Linden Scripting Language) is equivalent to building web sites.

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