Stickiness of Content

WebDesk– Your Desktop on the Web

Benjamin Ling, Product Lead, and Louis Perrochon, Engineering Director

We’ve heard time and again from users: “I find great stores through Google search, but every time I try to buy from an online store, I have to re-enter the same billing, shipping, and credit card information. There are too many steps. Why can’t it be as fast as a Google search?” This motivated us to improve the online purchase process.

Opponents worry that Google may now be able to access too much information and envision a value-based keyword pricing architecture tied to purchase data.

What Negroponte says in “Being Digital” generation which has a sweet tooth for bluetooth. If two friends are in the vicinity, they’ll know about each other. Concept of time, space and form take on a new meaning. Connected and Not Connected are the two new states of people.

recent – showing recent activity means
popular – which everyone talks about, knows about

Stickiness of Content (what you like stays, and what you dont, fades away)
Hostel room / rented appt / college notice boards
nature of stay for is not permanent/ is temporary

stapling the pics on the board for permanent things
clipping those which are temporary

office cubicles (example- google)
nature of stay for some objects is permanent and some others is temporary
pictures of loved ones / kid art

friends’ avatars as dolls and stacked on the board / masks

what about old posts – thrown away / stored

Interesting Things to Post on Your Mood Board (like a a multi page scrapbook, scrapboard)
> mobile videos (greetings, comments), mobile pics, mobile audio
> subscribed photos, blogs (dilbert), kites
> widgets
> bumper stickers
> background of the board could be a theme (picasso, newspaper, single color)
> magazine covers (right click and send to your board)
> god photos
> pics from fwds
> maps
> top 10 lists

Decorate someone else’s board (add sticker, note)
Latest Personal Possessions (gadgets, dolls, decorative piece, bonsai, books) pics
Documentation (notes, reminders, to do, birthdays, messages)
name plate

A “Spotlight” to direct the visitors to a particular place.

OFFICE CUBICLE PICS from Flickr Groups
Inspiration Boards
Annotated Workspaces
Whats in your ?
Desks (preferably messy)

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