2.0 Zillion Links

http://www.current.tv (Social media and UGC)
http://www.smithmag.us (Storytelling)
http://www.sensesofcinema.com (serious and eclectic discussion of cinema)
http://www.heroesmini.com (Ajax game by Ubisoft)

removing obstacles and barriers to entry that preclude participation
implicit creation
“big agency” social media

Great Article on UGC

Tagging Game to Label Images

Failure is not just acceptable, it should be encouraged

create | act | grow | party-cipate | consensus | contribute

Instant messaging is one of the three most popular Internet activities in the United States — after email and search — and is a key driver of user engagement. ”

UGC for a Specialist Community

An unconference is a great example of a real-world UGC for specific communities.

Make your own movies with the materials given by the site

Why cant we have annotations on a video ?

Cell phone journalists provide raw footage of Israeli Lebanon conflict

pickle.com (update- they’ve now merged with a big tech firm as a provider of a photo-sharing platform- so the site does not exist now)
minimum or no ajax used
javascript rollovers for help
unique site building approach

pickle doesnt encourage you to see other “picklers” (for now – dont know about later)

“We definitely plan to incrementally add more community capabilities – so they willbe coming soon. First, we wanted to make sure we built a *great* user experiencefor managing and sharing your personal media. We hope we are getting there.

Thank you for your feedback, and please let us know if you have any other thoughts. Enjoy!

All best,
Julia Goldstein
Pickle Support Team Member

umundo.com – by Hexlet LLC, a web 2.0 technology company based in Fremont California, and founded by experts of both web and mobile technologies. Umundo aims at providing consumers a unique service, subscription-free with their cell phones: send instantly video clip direct from the phone to popular sites such as MySpace, my Yahoo, Google, iTunes for easy viewing and sharing by family members and friends of the sender.

What it does:: The application lets you send video you capture on your mobile phone to video@umundo.com and then, simply by entering your phone number on the site you can view the video online or cooler, grab the code that will allow you to embed your video in other pages, like your MySpace profile.

No account creation needed

Similar to:: Abazab.com, which is a more thorough implementation of the concept. under closed group beta

1. Capture clip or picture with your cell phone
2. Send it to video@umundo.com via MMS or email 3. Publish on My Yahoo!, iTunes, Google, MySpace to share on the web with family and friends

If one uploads through an email, a support mail arrives with the url to ur personalumundo page.
Confusion:: If the links to the clips show only on my personalized page (which I see only if I log in), then how do I share it with everyone ?

photojojo.com – Amit Gupta and Kara Canal
example: http://www.photojojo.com/content/websites/photo-sudoku/


Mobile Innovation is a leading user interface designer, product integrator and software developer for smartphones and communicators.

A different look to the same concept of photo sharing

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