Of Startups & Upstarts..

A good service can easily be lost in the cloud of startups. But really good ones stands through the test of time. The traffic on those sites grow slowly but surely. Some get acquired by Big companies and the rest don’t sell. If a site is really user-friendly, then it Will have a large user base- now or later.

Try telling that to a business/ product manager.. didn’t work for me.

Making money from something popular (MS?) is easier than making something popular (Google?). Everyone wants their product to be unique and popular and lucrative. Personally I think it needs a lot of user feedback and care for the product to grow.

But who has time for these?

Lessons from Kiko Demise
Key points-
* Stay focused
* Release early, but not too early
* Too many features killed the cat
* You must have a plan for escaping the Technosphere

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