Product Scenario

What is the most important task on the site ?

Subscriptions page
My Page
Answering Machine – How to use the preview mode and the full screen mode
My Friends

What kind of actions can the subject perform with only screens?

Photo Organizer
Registering process

Home page – we want the user to stay on the page till the time they either go to some other people’s pages or clicks on one of the “register” links. Using ajax to switch between the “take a tour” images will be good Address Book Integration process

New features
Suggest a title
Blog scraps

For a new person, seeing all the populated fields would be confusing. Better to start with showing her someone else’s blog / posts.

Situation/ Scenario

What a bash ! You have just come home from your best friend’s bday party. You clicked lots of photos from your mobile phone and now want to share it with common buddies. One of the friends at the party was talking about and how its easy to upload photos from a mobile. You dont have an account at this site.

Your friend mails you his blog link thru email. You go and check his blog and get interested. You want to open an account. How will you go about performing this task ? You have stumbled upon the site via a friend. You want to know more about how the site works. How would you do it ?

Cant download the client without registering ?  Well u can but for uploading you need an ID to connect the client to the server.


whenever someone is on your page. they can chat with you through the meebo widget If we talk about integrated messaging, why do we have tabbed

We can have a feedback button near the bring yahoo address book button saying “respect my privacy” or “leave me alone”

Spokn ID : 1010853
PIN : 1010853

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