Why UX?

Usability does add some overhead to a software design process (because of the reviews and iterations at each step), and I won’t deny that. But why not a little more from the start, than a lot more once the bugs and complaints start rolling in? How does a ton of bugs and irate customers add to your return on investment (ROI), while usability does not?

“If you are a startup in the services space, usability might not be that important as the design is done by the client before the work gets to you. But if you intend to create a product, usability does become important as it differentiates you from the competition”
Gaurav Bhatnagar (co-founder of Tekriti)

Tips for startups

usability testing & soy lattes
“With Powerbook in hand, it was just a matter of approaching subjects with a smile and the offer of a free coffee, pastry, or anything (really, startup founders don’t have the same inhibitions most people do) to get them to try out a new website.”

“…they sat down and diligently tinkered with the site (all the while thinking aloud as I’d instructed). What we learned was quite interesting and my only regret is that we hadn’t done it sooner, but hopefully we can make good use of what we discovered.”

Notes on StartupSchool

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