Mobile Ideas

Push Technologies (Television, Radio – we have no control except awitch on and off) Push and Pull (Web – we choose the website but they choose the ads shown, we get to do some cutomization) google Adsense – we pull search results, Google pushes contextual ads

Pull Media (RSS, TiVo – we pay, we choose, Cinema? ) make your own media, DIY media. We use the tools to create new media (

Mobile is the iPod of India

July Systems patents personalization tool for mobile phones

PhoToys for 1CB

> Gift your photos to other for putting on other’s websites or your other blogs
> put your best photos up for display (an inspiration board). can put other’s photos as well
> send you best photo by email, as a greeting. Custom messages could be written on it

> make an album out of photos you choose. give the album a custom background. You can write text under each pic. you could also make albums out of other’s pics and make a story. due credit will be given. this will show how well the user is navigating thru the site.

> e-postcards (?)

> a separate portrait section – how are you today ? upload one daily photo of urs and people can come and check out. make it jazzy by wearing new clothes, have new props around you – anything. put adjectives around it to spice the whole thing. make a “mood board” like that. make your own adjectives to describe your unique mood.

> wild guess – hide some part of the photo and ask people to guess what it is. then reveal it after everyone’s given up ! (can be done by “cropping the photo” function) in many 2.0sites

> On your friends’ bday send him a slideshow of his pics, with funny captions beneath it. She can put it up on her site via a url

> Put badges on photos you like. There are several to choose from Red, Blue, Yellow

Q: Think about the mobile angle too – what of the above can be done on a mobile ?
4 thumbnails per display
mobile story for 1cb would be more to do with playing around the photos
what can you click better with the mobile ? your own picture. Why not use it to make some interesting thing that people.

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