HEATMAPS :: Heatmaps can be the end result of  both eye-tracking and clicks.
representing existing data in another format
value of heatmaps as a communication tool to board level executives ? Everything’s OK until they ask ‘why do you think people are not clicking here’
are quite useful if your site is popular enough
can be used for testing your design

What does a heatmap tell ?
which links are clicked most (how is that useful ?)
Find out which design encourages visitors to click deeper

What the heatmap doesnt tell ?
Did the visitor clicked a link because he wanted to OR was it just plain good looking
Are they able to see the link that I want them to
Should a section of the website be removed because users dont use it or they dont see it
What do you do to improve the page
Any application for how to interpret the data
“Do you have some blue text on a page that people are mistaking for a link?
Do you have links in a small font size, which people are missing when they try to click?
Do you have an unlinked logo or other graphical device that people think they can click on ?”

If we ask the user to perform a task and then put a heatmap, we can get an individual heatmap

Q: What fun-thing can be made out of a click heatmap ?
A:     Something with false clicks
An image with pseudo-links
selecting text
give them a choice of clicking 30 links

Ubiqutous : Eye tracking
doesnt tell how long the visitor saw a link

Non-ubi    : Click tracking

SOLUTION ::     we have to correlate their clicks, comments, and actions
1. Get some people to use the site with heatmap
2. Gather data and see which gets the maximum clicks/views
3. Get a second set of people and have a qualitative testing session
4. The heatmap will help formaulate the right questions for the test

Direct user observation can lead to more clear-cut insights as to why things are happening on your site

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