Product-ive Thoughts?

Creating UGC

How to go about building a web service (a designers perspective)

vision1 : acquired mobile blogging technology – want to give it a new face and launch
vision2 : make a fun blogging service for both web and mobile with focus on community building/social networking

what core area are we getting into ?
> web + mobile
> cameraphones
> photo-sharing
> blogging
> social networking
> all

competitors’ analysis
> their feature set – whats popular
> see what features matches with our “unique vision”
> whats the face/package of the service like
> also look at less popular ones – might find something valuable
whats blogging ?
do people know whats blogging ?
do people like blogging ?
do we want them to blog ?
do people use cameraphone to click photos ?
how many people use cameraphones as their main camera ?
why do they shoot pictures with their cameraphones ?
do they care about the quality of the shots they are taking ?
how many people blog thru their mobile ?

what we call blogging is done regularly by very few people

for a mass product, most popular between cameraphone, blogging and photo-sharing is photo-sharing

photo-sharing can be done from both web and mobile
photo-sharing is easier compared to blogging
blogging sounds very technical so not a ‘mass’ concept (examples of mySpace and flickr)
blogging means regular participation – photo-sharing can be occasional – people want freedom to click at their own time

most popular photo-shatring applications expand (add features) with time ex. photobucket

Whats the acquired tech do ?
photo uploading and sharing from both web and mobile

Advantage of mobile –
while it is happening
on the move

whose waiting at the other end ?
For what ?  (giving proof of something
Isnt there another way of doing all this ?
Why would motivate people to use only this method ?
Whats the urgency of uploading then and there ?
if the battery is dwindling, then priority would be to take a call, not take a pic

photos are of use-and-throw nature
can be great representation tools
click magazine photos

Click photo of what u have to do (people, place, events, typo, banners)
Click photo of what u would want to have (wishlist, objects, person, celebrities)
Make your own icons/visual representation (a person’s face for her birthday)
Recording voice (

Most recently uploaded (I was here)

Auto-change status

Innovative but Useless FUN

Innovative but somewhat Useful SERIOUS
WIRED Jargon-o-tron


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