Site leeching may sound terrifying and a bad, bad thing to do (hogging bandwidth and other excuses).
But its not. I love it!

It works for me because-
1. I like to read. When a whole site is on your computer, It becomes like a book.
2. You dont need to be online to view it. No loading time, no server timeout, no downtime..
3. The sites that I leech are mostly text-based. So its fast and does not take much bandwidth.

It would not work for most sites today with their regularly updating content. But still there are some useful ones like the latest ones I leeched-

Creating Passionate Users– An inspirational Blog about Innovation and People (the author has discontinued writing, but its already a cult blog- so no problems of updated content).

HowtoGimp– Been trying to use GIMP for sometime now instead of Photoshop. Hope this site helps..

Other categories of sites that can be leeched- movie sites (I leeched whatishematrix.com in college- more than 600MB of videos, pics and interactive flash content!- and all accessible anytime!!!) and tutorial sites.

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