“Bad ol’ puddy tat!”

So finally, I’ve hopped on the twitter bandwagon. I was avoiding to signup for the service for a long time, ignoring all the praises and accolades from bloggers. Its odd how services doing something so basic like ‘What Are You Doing Now?’ becomes a rage. And would you want to tell that to everyone, anyway?

There are almost a million people twittering around the world now (not counting other similar services like ‘jaiku‘ and ‘pownce‘). Its still used mostly by hi-techies. Probably its the ‘presence’ factor that works for techno-enthusiasts, who keep staring at digital displays all the time- PC, phones, TV, PSP…

Like wikipedia says about Tweety– “Tweety is, for the most part, a good-natured character happily spending life in his cage or a nest.”

Now I’ll have to write something witty and play twitty… another burden of technology :(

3 thoughts on ““Bad ol’ puddy tat!”

  1. when they say iPods will enslave the human race i don’t find it surprising. the entire concept aims towards “me” as the center piece evident from “what are you doing now”? narcissism sells as good as sex. ironically its on the internet so hardly personal, but who the hell cares anyway.

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