Gmail Feature Creep?

I Want Gmail to Let Me Separate the Mails From the Conversations.

Explanation– I was clearing my mailbox the other day, which is mainly filled with emails from InteractionDesigners mailing list IxDA. Now I had decided long back to read each one of these e-mails, specially the conversations that happen sometimes over interesting topics. I still want to, but- there’s no time!

So now I want to shorten my reading list from some 3500 unread mails to a decent number. Gmail search helped me there by filtering and deleting all emails with subject [Event], [Job], [Reminder], F2F, course, seminar, workshop (these become irrelevant after a few weeks anyway). Thanks to the members of the list who found this ‘usable’ way to separate mails!

What it did not help me with was filtering the emails which had no replies. I wanted to do away with those mails because they probably did not generate enough interest to start a conversation. It would have been a great time and effort saver if such a filter existed. I had to manually delete all those mails (about 10 out of every 50 mails).. phew!

Will the next gmail have this feature? Anyway, for now I am proudly sitting on 1875 unread IxDA mails :D

ps: I Want Gmail to Let Me Search for Posts That are not Tagged Yet
Explanation– Tags are the only way I can filter specific group of mails. Doesn’t that make untagged mails a unique group too? 

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