Twitter for the Masses?

Idea: What if Gtalk (or any other messenger) saves the status messages that we display, and then put it as a list like a twitter feed?

This way ‘twitter-ing’ could reach to a wider audience rather than just geeks/nerds. This page- lets call it “xxx’s Status Page”. As you change your status or put a new status, the page would update (see image). People following you will know what you were doing and you will be motivated to update your status more often.

Initial feedback for the idea was- “Why would anyone go to check your previous statuses?”.
Valid point. My point is- whats the need for twitter, then?

The motivation for the users would be-
1 No need spending extra on sms. People with gprs on their handsets can set their status on the mobile messenger and it can reflect on the page.
2 It works on the principle of “presence” on which twitter is based.
3 Some interesting link that you want to share with everyone can be displayed on your status page for later viewing.

Note: Oops! for the bad quality wireframe shot. But I think it conveys the idea.
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