Learning the Alphabet..

Warning: Tech Jargon Ahead. Lots of it!

RSS readers help me updated with what I like or what I am currently working on. I have tried to use almost all that are on the web right now. But there’s a catch. How to Know Which Feeds are Worth Keeping?

The problem with feeds is- they keep piling up. As internet throws up new information everyday, I keep finding new blogs on interesting topics and hence, new feeds. Hell, there was a time when I had 170 feeds which was highly inefficient.

RSS readers today have lots of features like bookmarking, clipping, putting it in a blog, emailing or tagging it and they’re are all fine. But they’re not intuitive.

The quest for finding those blogs that constantly supplies the best and inspiring feeds finally ended with a small bloglines feature I came to see only after a long time.

The advantages of “Keep New” over other alternatives are
1 I dont have to go to a separate page to see what i saved (like a blog, my email page)
2 There are other things that I want to do to a post other than ‘clipping’ it. Like simply reading it later. This feature helps you in exactly that.
All posts that you “keep new” show after the latest posts. So it keeps reminding you each time to read it.
4 When you are done reading it, then you can uncheck it and if needed, blog/clip it.

The implication of all this does not hit you directly. But when you see the feed list, you can see how many posts you have kept new for each feed. After a few weeks, I get to know if I am really getting anything worthwhile from a blog or not. The essential ones are separated.
No other reader I know does that (if it does, please let me know).

Moral for me: Features in a product are like alphabets, but only when they are placed in a particular order, they become words.
Only great products have meaning, otherwise they remain a jumble of alphabets.

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