Reading Upside Down

Web2.0 has changed my reading habits. I read the comments first, the article later. With so many sources of information and each trying to be more authentic than the other, comments enables me to

1 Speak My Mind
* Lots of times while reading the article, a vague idea about something appears but I cant point a finger at it. Chances are people have already asked and answered the questions you had in mind while reading the post.

2 Think Ahead
* Helps deciding the credibility of the author and whether I want to read more from this author again or not.

3 Know Interesting People, Events, Relationships
* Wisdom of the crowds- know great people who give sensible comments, references to other links
* When was the last comment posted on an item (if people are still commenting on an article/post written months ago, it definitely in news and worth a dekko)

4 Makes Me Perceptive and Objective
* Gives cultural insights and viewpoints

5 Saves time
* The number of comments can show if the post is popular or not and if the post is worth a look.

Of course, in the end the judgement lies with the reader alone. What makes sense to me is the most popular for me.

One thought on “Reading Upside Down

  1. Very interesting post.. its like reading the reviews before watching a movie.
    I read the comments first
    – when I am unsure of the source of an article,
    – when I am reading a food recipe,
    – when the article gives a solution to a problem,
    – if the article is very long
    – elsewhere when i need the efficacy of the information the article is offering
    – when I read a review of a book, film,etc.

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