Meebo hires their first interaction designer! Andrew has already started taking feedback from users on his projects through the Meebo blog!

With 35 Million unique visitors per month, Meebo is a force to reckon with. It gives me another example of companies who don’t hire UX people when they start, but have realized its importance over time.
IM on it, are you?

2 thoughts on “Meebo♥Ux

  1. In meebo’s defense, it’s not as if they were a company stuck in the dark ages until they saw the light of UXD and hired me. Meebo right now is growing at an astounding rate – they’re looking for as many talented people as they can get to fill an increasing number of specialized roles.

    The front-end team used to just do UXD as they went along, and they did an incredible job. But as more and more projects come down the pipeline, they get to front-end code full time, and I get to UXD full time. :)

    I suppose you could make the argument that having 30+ people working for you before you hire a single UX Designer says something about one’s priorities, but I’d posit that the front-end folks at meebo are capable enough in the UXD realm that such an argument doesn’t really apply. But then, I’m biased. :)


    P.S. I’m mostly replying here because it’s fun to be blogged about by name by a complete stranger. Thanks for the nod. :)

  2. Andrew,
    First of all, thanks for commenting on my post!

    Am a meebo fan for almost three year now and I love the innovation that they have brought to the web IM space.

    My post comes from the observations that companies like flickr, did not start with UX in mind (and still did great!) but as they grew, they realized its an indispensable part of their product. Its just that a dedicated person is there to hold the fort at the user’s end and I am happy about it. And you will find my suggestions to improving Meebo in the comments to your posts :)

    I was equally thrilled after reading your first post as when I read about Meebo’s first usability testing two years back (

    As for being blogged by a complete starnger, I think as a Meebo UX designer, you’re now a famous public figure :) so you can happily get used to it!

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