Overflow of Cover Flows

Ever since Apple bough cover flow, it has fascinated many by its graceful display and ease of browsing information. Clones of cover-flow are now floating across the web, here are some of them we can use.

SpaceTime– A browser plug-in which shows you everything in 3D- search results, ebay products, browser windows..

SearchMe– This is a search engine which shows results (web pages) in a coverflow format.

FotoViewr– You can use widgets provided by this site to put ‘stunning 3D galleries’ in Facebook, iGoogle, WordPress.

Cool Iris– This browser plug-in shows all related media of a page as an interactive 3d wall. Crashes my firefox a lot, but worth a look.

TouchFlo 3D– HTC is putting this technology in every upcoming phone of theirs. Faces are great to watch in a cover flow format, as mentioned elsewhere too.

TiltViewer– This free application displays 25 photos at a time in a very nice way. See it in action.

Even Microsoft has introduced this look for their new xbox 360 dashboard interface.

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