Vista Features I Would Like in Win7

I hope these Vista features stay in Windows 7, which make small but positively significant differences to the user experience.


1 Bite-sized Breadcrumbs– Easier to navigate than the previous Windows explorer tree view
2 Hiding the menu (File, Edit, View, Tools..) and showing only the most relevant menu items highlights simplicity for the average user.
3 Favorite Links (option of adding your own folders)
4 Extra Large Icons (ideal eye candy for image and magazines- could be the default display option for multimedia folders)

Easy Keyboard Navigation (being a heavy keyboard user, I like these to be added)
5 Keyboard shortcut Alt+UP (more intuitve than backspace)
6 When going back a level in the explorer, focus remains on the file/folder where you started from.
7 To rename a file, pressing F2 highlights only the name and does not include the extension (nice!)

8 The brain-friendly menu system aka the ribbon should extend its presence to native Windows applications (like Movie Maker).

One thought on “Vista Features I Would Like in Win7

  1. Another thing I love in Vista which MAC doesn’t do is– I can rewrite into an existing CD if it has empty space. It is doesn’t require that the CD has to be rewritable. In Vista you just drag the file and drop into CD drive, it gets written there. But in MAC it says “u can not write into this CD, this is not a rewritable one”

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