Android Market- Bizarre Bazaar

So, I ‘flashed’ my HTC HD2 (running Windows Mobile 6.5) and had Android 2.2 running. The warranty goes out of the window, but after a year of using a half-baked interface, I could not stand to run the worst OS on the planet on a gorgeous 4.2 inch screen anymore.
So back to Android. The OS has some peculiarities, and so does the market. Short story- nothing beat the iOS experience.

Long story-

  • When you update an app, you replace the whole app. Kind of reminds me of an iTunes desktop update. I don’t like either of them.
  • Some apps do not close when you exit them. The result is rapid battery loss. You have to go to the Task Manager for Android and “Force stop”
  • Adobe Air app is the heaviest app I’ve loaded yet (16 mb).
  • Taking a screenshot is such a mission. Installing JDK, then Android SDK, and running some .dat file after searching from the complex folder structure in the ‘Android’ folder in Windows explorer…
  • Most apps don’t have an exit button.
  • I hate the hardware ‘Back’ button. It should be renamed to ‘StumbleUpon’, cause you never know what screen it will show.

Some things that I do like about Android

  • Angry Birds is free
  • The facebook integration is nice (populates your phonebook with contacts from Facebook who have published their phone numbers)

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