Flash on Android

I don’t get it.
Isn’t it enough that flash websites can run on Android devices? Now Adobe wants us to build apps in Flash. I understand its a business decision to get the desktop experience on mobile devices. But the UX is compromised.

Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Air and Adobe Reader are available in the market. After installing these three on my phone, they have taken 30MB of my phone’s internal storage. The android market tells me the sizes are 4, 2, 6MB respectively but then the apps update themselves and become bloated.

On top of this, these apps cannot be moved to the sd card. I tried installing large games like gun bros and pocket legends but the phone needs more internal memory to install them. I guess to work well, the adobe apps need to be ‘closer’ to the phone hardware. If every other app manufacturer starts thinking like this, then a user wud not be able to install more than 5 apps. The comments on the app pages scream for introducing the feature to move the app to the sd card.

This is not the desktop era anymore with infinite processes, unlimited resources of hardware and software, and no battery hassles. hw and sw need to work together in mobile devices as the resources are limited.

If installing adobe apps makes installing other apps a pain, why would I want to do it (unless I am forced to). My guess is- Android will not change its flash family apps for the better. The excuse will be that it will work fine for larger screens-tablets as they have more processing power blah..

The question is-can you make a great interactive experience on a small screen, with the resource hungry adobe platform?


  • Can I disable/uninstall flash on the phone and see how my experience changes?
  • Can I read pdfs without installing the Adobe Reader app?
  • Look for Android apps which are made in Flash platform and see if they’re any better than the native apps.

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