Can we reimagine stuff like Apple does? Here are some products, markets that Apple reimagined.

Tablet: Handwriting vs. Touch
While Bill Gates was pushing for tablets with styluses and giant touchscreen tables for years, the handheld touch-based interface is pretty much the standard of the next-gen computing.

Phone: Carrier does not dictate whats on the phone
No phone before this could make this happen.

Siri: AI vs. Search
When asked if he’s getting into the search business by purchasing Siri, Steve Jobs described Siri as an AI (Artificial Intelligence) company and not a search company. His vision is to refine voice interfaces to the point it can replace touch-based inputs. In this process, the concept of searching for answers will be replaced by asking questions.

Apple TV: Set top box vs DVD player
Steve Jobs said the competition for Apple TV wasn’t the set-top box, but the DVD player. Now that they are one of the biggest digital media retailers on the internet, they can distribute it through their rumored TV.

iCloud: HD in the sky vs data syncing
See Jobs’ vision of the iCloud in 1997.

Computers: Integrated product vs Licensing software
Apple had immense pressure to license its MacOS. They didn’t.

Songs: 3 songs for a Starbucks latte
Simple and sticky analogy, isn’t it?

Macbook Air: Laptops without state or an optical drive, thin like an envelope
Apple launched a device for the cloud 4 years before anyone.

iTunes Sharing media vs. tethering, syncing

Music streaming: iTunes Match- Making illegal music legal

Company: Thinks itself as a software company, not a hardware co.
Acquisition through hardware, Retention through software
2000-2010: Computer as the digital hub
2011-near future: Cloud as the digital hub

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