Spectrum Allocation- Nuts&Bolts of Wireless

I’m re-reading ‘Being Digital‘ by Nicholas Negroponte. He gives an accurate description of the kind of services, products and media will be in the near future. It feels as if he had a time machine and travelled 10-15 years from 1995 to see how media is changing and wrote the book.

He also talk about fiber vs wireless networks. Wireless networks he says, have limited air space. And that a larger broadband connection is like turning up the radio volume to get more info.

Which brings me to this spectrum allocation chart of USA I saw a while ago (full chart). It shows in a colorful way how the spectrum is distributed among personal, corporate and goverment use. It looks pretty crowded right now. The demand for faster wireless networks is at its peak all over the world. It would be interesting to think how applications would be designed to run on networks of the future.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

ps: Steve Jobs thinks the apps will be a marriage of client apps and cloud services for a richer user experience.

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