Surface Demo

Another great demo by Microsoft today, showing off their renewed tablet effort.

I played with a 10″ Windows 8 tablet in 2010. (someone at work got it for being a longtime MS developer at their conference) Personally, it felt too tall to carry around. And reading in portrait mode feels weird. The ‘loudest’ feature however was- the fan! Put your ears to the vent (yes, there were laptop sized vents in the tablet) and you could hear a powerboat running full steam ahead. I hope that was an early prototype and was not the Surface tablet that was shown today.

The presentation (clean slides, lots of white space, no bullet points), stage (minimal geometric furniture), product ad (our new computing device is like a rock star) felt very Apple-sque. I have never seen Microsoft focus so much on hardware. Talking about materials, innards.. almost an Ive-league performance.

I would love to use the keyboard cover. If it works the way its shown, I am officially pissed off that Apple did not come up with this cover before them.

Important information about the tablet wasn’t announced- No pricing, availability and most importantly for me- battery life. I can’t imagine using a mobile device with a leash attached to it.

With MS brining their own tablet hardware to the market, do Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo and other hardware guys need to feel threatened? The tech blogs think so, but I don’t. I think there’s enough room in the tablet market for everyone to do well. OEMs should treat Surface as a benchmark for hw design and strive to do better. MS will still makes tonnes of money from licensing Windows8.

Which makes me think- if OEMs are pissed, will they turn to Android? Paying $0 for licensing fee is an attractive alternative.

Here are some cool pics of Surface on the Microsoft website

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