New Adverts

Lately, I have noticed these new kind of ads that websites like Twitter and Fast Company show. They do not look like the generic Google text ads that most of the sites show today. They have found a clever solution to make users look and click on ads by blending them with the site’s content.

Update: these ads now have a term associated with them- native advertising. The founder of techmeme was one of the firsts to implement these .

A Twitter ad comes in the form of a promoted tweet with the same visual format as a normal tweet.

Fast Company shows ads in the right panel in the list of articles. The ad looks exactly like an article with a little grey ‘ADVERTISEMENT’ text under it.

I can count on one finger; times I have clicked on a Google ad- from the Google site or a website serving the ad. Simply because they are not relevant to me. The new type of ads are more carefully thought about and I think these ads will work better than the plain text ones. Time will tell..

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