Google Glass- Future Vision?

This is a future post that I will write next year when Google Glass powered by the next-gen search Google Now launches.

“To take search to the next level, Google Now needs my location, browsing history, check-ins, calendar entries, transit routine and streaming live video from the Google Glass. The troubling bit is that all this data will be marked and sent to Google as my personal data- and will not be sent anonymously. My credit card details is already part of Google Play store. And Google wants me to pay for their Glass hardware too. They could subsidize it like they did last year with the Nexus tablet, but I was so awestruck by their sky-diving gimmick that I will pay any insane price they ask for.”

From gathering data anonymously to blatant big-brother tracking. How blind Google thinks I am? Wait, I forgot. That’s why they’re making those glasses.

Combine that with this recent UC Berkeley study had this troubling stat-
Google had cookies on 105 of the top 1,000 sites; the company’s ad tracking network,, had cookies on 685. Combined, we detected that Google has a presence on 712 of the top 1,000 websites. Only 285 lacked some type of Google cookie.

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