Great UX- Groupon Unsubscribe

I was a little annoyed at Groupon for sending me daily emails with offers not relevant to me. So I clicked the ‘Unsubscribe’ link. What happened next was very unexpected and a lot of fun!

First, I was taken to this page where it showed me that I was unsubscribed (no confirmation page with “Are you sure you want to unsubscribe?”). Second, the page said “We’re sorry to see you go! How sorry? Well, we want to introduce you to Derrick- he’s the guy who thought you’d enjoy getting Groupon emails.” A video loop showed a guy sitting in an empty office. Under the video is a button called Punish Derrick. Now I was already subscribed, but I was curious to see what happens, so I clicked the button (don’t judge me).

The moment I clicked the button, the video showed a guy walk up to Derrick and ‘punished’ him (in Monty Python styled comic humor). However, it doesn’t end here.

This text shows up above the video- “That was pretty mean… I hope you’re happy. Want to make it up to Derrick?“. And a button called Resubscribe. I don’t think people will resubscribe because of feeling guilty, but +1 to Groupon for making a mundane thing like unsubscribing fun!

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