Notes on 9/9

My notes from yesterday’s Apple event. Covers UI related stuff-

____iPhone 6 and 6+

4.7″ resolution: 1334 x 750 px
5.5″ resolution: 1920 x 1080 px

New UI stuff
1 iphone home screen now works in landscape too (only on 6+)
2 “reachability”- new gesture (double-touch the home button and the whole display just slides down, so you can reach the top of the screen without using other hand). Don’t know what will app switcher action change to
3 New screen sizes might need UI updates for apps.

____Apple Pay
Works both for in-store and online payments. Also pay with Watch without using phone (details not shared yet by Apple).
Emphasis on being ‘secure’ 
1 “Apple doesn’t know what you bought, where you bought it, and how much you bought it for.”
2 “we are not in the business of collecting your data.”
3 dedicated chip to store encrypted payment info
4 disposable credit card numbers and cvv numbers for all transactions

Thoughts: Apple figured out the best way for mobile payments- both online and offline. Best implementation of NFC- contactless, no screen interaction required.

____Apple Watch
Comes in two sizes
Not a standalone device
Third party developers can make apps- Mostly action-based notifications like Android Wear
Slightly rectangular display

New UI stuff
1 Hardware dial (crown) and button
2 “Neighbourhood” tap for navigating Appverse
3 rotate dial to zoom
4 Doodling as a communication tool
5 Taptic engine- haptic feedback on your wrist
6 new typeface for watch UI
7 No keyboard input. Only voice or emoji

* Apple prioritized getting the hardware right first. It looks like a finished, well-made watch. A great-looking Galaxy Gear Live.
* Widget UIs feel ugly. They focused on basic stuff like navigation, access to apps and typeface legibility for v1
* iPod nano 6th gen was the first prototype for the watch (customizable straps, square display, app UIs)

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