All GUI Stuff

Evolution of Yahoo & Google GUI

Evolution of Yahoo and Google home pages over the years (full size)

The original Android UI, before they copied the iPhone multi-touch interface. It was envisioned to run on a Blackberry type phone. More pictures on Engadget

A prediction of how a home computer look like in 2004. It would have, the predictors say, a teletype interface and the Fortran language. And it will be easy to use.

Amazon home page, 1996 home page, 1996

Lasers in 1960 vs. Lasers now

What technology will do for us in 2000, 1910


I didn’t know there was a whole book dedicated to designing error messages for Windows!

The sad old days of multi-layered tabs.

Adding common sense to a confusing interface.

Steering wheel of an F1 car. Constraints of space makes you seek interesting solutions.

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